Saturday, June 27, 2015

You should really get acquainted with this...

You could do really cool stuff (no programming required) if you know how to use IFTTT.

IFTTT is really useful and depends on just understanding this; if something happens do something' which is the same as thing as 'If THIS then THAT'. IFTTT actually stands for the previous sentence.

All you need to know to work with IFTTT is to clearly state what you need to get done when such and such happens.

For example,
  • Call and tell you before you open the door and look out whether you need to take the umbrella
  • When the stock you have invested goes down a certain value, you want to be telephoned; 
  • If a new book on New York times best sellers list is added you want a email sent to you;
  • You want to tweet as soon as you post to a blog on the blogger,
and so on and so on...

Here are two recipes (as they are called) I created in using this useful, free (of course) service. There is a premium version as well. In order to understand you can start with the free stuff.
The first recipe tweets as soon as I add a new post to my blog. The Second recipe looks up the Yahoo Finance stock quotes and when the Microsoft stock rises above $50 I get an email sent to me as well ass 4 of my other partners(fictitious in this case!)

These two posts show you more details and the second post shows you step-by-step how to create a recipe.

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